3 Easy Tips for Artificial Grass Maintenance in Charlotte, NC

Once you make the switch to Charlotte, NC artificial grass you can say goodbye to constant watering, mowing, fertilizing and other tedious lawn maintenance tasks. However, turf still needs a little love and care to stay in top condition for years to come. Keep your synthetic lawn clean and beautiful by following a few easy artificial grass maintenance tips! Maintaining-Charlotte-NC-Artificial-Grass

One of the most common reasons why homeowners switch to turf is that it only requires very minimal maintenance. What could be better than a gorgeous green lawn you never have to work on? While that’s true for the most part, synthetic grass still needs a little attention from time to time.

How to Maintain Artificial Grass in 3 Steps

1. Schedule Regular Cleaning and BrushingDust and dirt can eventually accumulate on your artificial grass lawn, especially in dry places like North Carolina which averages at 218 sunny days per year. Sweeping and hosing it down regularly ensures that dirt build-up stays manageable.

As for the schedule, it depends on how you use your backyard. Monthly thorough cleaning is recommended if you use your turf heavily, while a quarterly cleaning schedule is enough if your landscape doesn’t receive a lot of foot traffic and activity.

Aside from removing dust and dirt, deep cleaning Charlotte, NC artificial grass also involves brushing the turf fibers. This is essential for maintaining the shape of the synthetic turf, preventing bacterial growth, and removing particles.

2. Use the Right EquipmentNext, make sure to use appropriate equipment for turf maintenance. Use a brush with synthetic bristles or a flexible lawn rake for brushing. Do not use a metal rake or a brush with metal bristles as these can damage the fibers of synthetic turf in Charlotte, NC.

Need to clean up spills? Use non-toxic and biodegradable cleaners like a solution of ½ vinegar and ½ water to kill bacteria. Mild soapy solutions work really well too, especially in spots that your pet uses when they go to the bathroom.

3. Remove Stains and Residue ASAPFinally, don’t let spills and residue stay on your turf for long so they don’t harden and leave stains on synthetic grass in Charlotte, NC. It’s also far easier to remove spills when they’re fresh compared to when they’ve already set.

Using a paper towel is enough for most spills. For more stubborn ones, you can rub a mild detergent solution on the stained area and rinse with water. Scrape off solidified residues using a knife. Scrape upwards, following the fiber.

Enjoy a Stress-Free Backyard Experience

Once you’re done with these light maintenance tasks, all that’s left is to have fun and relax on your beautiful synthetic yard! Charlotte Artificial Grass Experts can help you make this happen, from the design stage to installation and maintenance. Call us now at 866-309-8873 to get started on your project!