Can Dogs Destroy Synthetic Turf in Charlotte, NC? +FAQs

FAQs on Pet-Proofing Yards with Synthetic Turf

If you have dogs, you know that they can turn your perfectly manicured lawn into a wreck in a matter of minutes. They’re notorious for digging up yards and leaving huge divots in the grass, peeing all over the place, and tearing up plants and shrubs. Natural grass just isn’t built to withstand these kinds of abuses—which is why synthetic turf in Charlotte, NC is such a great alternative.

Why Can’t Dogs Wreck Artificial Lawns?

The answer is simple: artificial turf is made to withstand whatever your furry friends can throw at it. It doesn’t matter if they dig, scratch, run, or chew—artificial turf will stay right where you put it.

For a more in-depth take on synthetic turf’s durability, our turf experts answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the topic.

Can Pet Urine Turn Synthetic Turf Yellow?

No, it can’t because artificial grass isn’t actually alive.

Dog urine has three major chemicals: urea, uric acid and ammonia. They are relatively harmless in small quantities. However, when a lawn is repeatedly saturated with dog urine, it can result in dead or dying patches of grass. This is because the nitrogen in these chemicals ultimately burns the grass.

While dog urine might burn real turf, it won’t have any effect on synthetic turf in Charlotte, NC.

Can Dogs Scratch or Dig Through Synthetic Grass?

Canines can’t scratch through pet turf because it has a dense weaving of synthetic fibers. This makes it very difficult to tear apart. Likewise, even the most determined dogs can’t dig through artificial turf because its grass blades are so tightly intertwined that there isn’t anywhere for them to stick their paws into.

How About Other Doggy Activities (Running, Rolling, etc.)?

You might think that dogs running, rolling around and playing on artificial grass would destroy it—but it won’t.

Artificial grass can withstand the daily wear and tear of heavy traffic. It can stand up to even the most energetic, playful pets. That means you don’t have to worry about patchy spots or clumpy areas when Fido goes tearing through the yard again and again.

Other FAQs About Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass in Charlotte, NC

Still on the fence about synthetic turf? The answers to these frequently asked questions about pet turf might help you reach the right decision:

How Long Does Artificial Grass Last With Dogs?

With proper installation and upkeep, artificial turf can last up to 10 years or more—all while looking great and standing up to any kind of weather conditions year-round. Synthetic grass is also simple to clean up after your dog does its business. You won’t have to worry about mud being tracked into the house anymore.

Is It Hard to Clean Up After Dogs in Synthetic Lawns?

It’s easy to clean up after dogs when they poop or pee on synthetic grass. First, pick up any solid waste with a plastic bag. Then, spray down the affected area with an enzymatic cleaner. Allow it to sit for twenty minutes before rinsing it away with water. Finally, use a deodorizer to get rid of any lingering smell. If you’re dealing with urine, simply hose down the area to get rid of residues. It’s that easy!

Do Dogs Like Artificial Grass?

Most dogs love synthetic grass. They can run around on it without getting their paws dirty or wet. That means they won’t track mud into your house when they come back inside after playing outside. When you install synthetic grass in your yard, you can be sure that your pet will love it just as much as you do!

Want to learn how much an installation costs and if you can do it yourself? Check out this article.

Pet-Proof Your Yard in No Time With Synthetic Grass in Charlotte, NC

Life’s too short to spend your weekends tending to your lawn and cleaning up after your dogs. If you’re tired of your canines ruining your lawn, why not switch to an artificial lawn with Charlotte Artificial Grass Experts?

We’ll install pet-friendly synthetic grass in your yard in a matter of hours or days, depending on how big the space is. We’ll make sure you and your pooches can get back to enjoying your yard in no time. So give us a call today at 980-203-2400 or send us a message online!