Can You Install Artificial Grass Under Playground Equipment?

The Benefits of Artificial Grass Under Playground Equipment-charlotte

Yes, you can install playground artificial grass under play equipment. We do recommend planning out the design and layout of your playground carefully before we install artificial grass. In some cases, it may be a better idea to cut turf around the equipment to improve stability. 

If you’re interested in this type of installation, book your free consultation and let’s hammer out the details. In the meantime, here’s why artificial grass is one of the best surfacing options for playgrounds:

Safety Around Equipment

High quality artificial grass for playground use is designed to cushion falls and prevent serious injuries, especially critical under and around playground equipment like jungle gyms, slides, and swings. The turf itself absorbs some impact and an additional pad and infill installed underneath increases protection. This system prevents head trauma and broken bones better than concrete or wood chips.

Durability With Heavy Use

Properly installed turf withstands years of rough play on equipment without packing down or eroding. The material’s tight weave and sturdy backing is exceptionally resistant to damage from play features being dragged across it. High face weight artificial grass exceeding 60 ounces performs best under busy playgrounds.

Low-Maintenance Surface

Unlike loose-fill surfaces requiring frequent raking and replenishment, artificial grass for playgrounds needs very little upkeep with heavy equipment anchored on top. It won’t erode from repetitive foot traffic either. Regular brushing and occasional cleaning helps properly installed turf retain its lush appearance for over a decade.

Professional Installation with Artificial Grass

Utilizing experienced installers is vital when installing turf under anchored playground equipment. Compacted gravel and specialized drainage systems prevent erosion and equipment settling that can otherwise lead to dangerous protrusions over time. Well-installed turf with heavy equipment lasts for over a decade, coming with guarantees and warranties.

Explore Your Playground Artificial Turf Options

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