Creative Landscaping Ideas That Mix Shrubs and Charlotte, NC Artificial Grass

Charlotte, NC artificial grass is an excellent landscaping element. It’s evergreen, lifelike, durable enough to withstand high foot traffic and a breeze to maintain. However, on its own, synthetic grass can make a space look “too perfect,” which can be a problem if you’re going for a natural aesthetic. A great way to offset the turf’s pristine appearance is to add shrubs into your landscape.

Creative Landscaping Ideas That Mix Shrubs and Charlotte, NC Artificial Grass

Awesome Designs Using Shrubs and Artificial Grass

Shrubs give character to flat landscapes. Their robust shape and vibrant color tastefully offset short and evergreen synthetic turf. Whether you’re looking for a way to add variety to your artificial lawn or installing synthetic turf on a shrubbery-strewn yard, you can’t go wrong with these creative ideas:

  • Border the lawn with shrubbery.

    Choose variants with significant height, so they can double as fences. If your artificial lawn doubles as a seating area, consider tall shrubbery to give the place extra privacy. Grow varieties that offer non-stop blooms like shrub roses to give your lawn a stunning perimeter. These lovely plants can grow up to four feet and are easy to take care of.

  • Tuck artificial grass around existing shrubs.

    Because natural grass requires a ton of water daily, growing it around or close to shrubbery is tricky. Not all shrubs love water. Runoffs after watering and an oversaturated soil can wilt some varieties. This is why some homeowners settle for leaving the surrounding areas of their shrubbery bare or covered in hardscape like pebbles.

    Synthetic turf in Charlotte, NC offers a quick and hassle-free way to green up your shrubs’ general area. Expert installers can place it close to your existing plants in such a way that it won’t interfere with their growth.

  • Add variety to an expansive lawn with shrubs.

    Planning is the key to achieve this. Let your installers know about your plans to add shrubs into your synthetic lawn. This will allow them to leave out spaces for the plants to remove the need to alter the turf after installation. They can also make sure that the holes meant for shrubs don’t have loose seams.

    It also pays to research the shrubs that you plan to add to your landscape. If they need abundant sunlight, for instance, then they must be placed in an unshaded spot on your lawn. Consider their size as well. If they’re huge, your installers may need to leave out a significant space for their placement.

Smart Tips When Mixing Shrubs and Artificial Grass

Once you’ve chosen which of these design ideas you’d like to mimic for landscape, start refining your landscaping plans. Consider these tips:

If you’re integrating artificial grass close to shrubbery:

  • Look for Charlotte, NC artificial grass that visually complements your shrubbery.
  • Be mindful of all the existing plants in the area, not just the shrubs.

If you’re integrating shrubs into or near your artificial grass installation:

  • Make sure your installation leaves spaces for shrubs.
  • Choose drought-resistant shrubs to keep landscape maintenance simple.
  • Consider vibrant shrubs like heather, azalea, forsythia and weigela to add color to your landscape.

Breathe New Life Into Your Landscape With Artificial Grass

For a synthetic turf installation that looks great with shrubbery, Charlotte Artificial Grass Experts has you covered. With years of landscaping experience under their belt, our installers know how to install the turf near or around plants in a way that makes it look like it’s a natural part of the setup.

We also only use top-quality artificial grass in Charlotte, NC in our installations, ensuring stunning and long-lasting results. Ready to make your landscape the best in the block? Call us now at 866-309-8873, and let’s talk about your landscaping project.