Designing Better and Safer Pool Areas with Synthetic Turf for Charlotte, NC

Lounging around a pool is one of the best ways to relax with family and friends. However, there are special considerations when choosing to landscape for your pool area. It should be safe, non-slip, durable and able to drain water efficiently. It should also look beautiful for a long time. Synthetic turf in Charlotte, NC fits the bill perfectly.

artificial grass pool side synthetic turf

Why Artificial Grass is the Ideal Pool Surround Material

The unique properties of artificial grass make it a gorgeous addition to any pool area:

Provides Fantastic Drainage

Synthetic turf drains much more quickly than concrete, natural grass and other materials. In particular, it can drain several gallons of water a minute. This means no mud or puddles in the grass after a pool party or a particularly splashy cannonball.

Swim in Cleaner Waters

Since there’s no soil under artificial grass in Charlotte, NC, you don’t have to worry about dirt, mud and bits of dirt getting tracked into the pool, all over your lawn, decking and inside your house. On top of this, you never need to treat turf with toxic chemicals either, so none of this will seep into the pool water.

Stay Safe on Turf’s Non-Slip Surface

The non-slip surface of artificial grass keeps your family and friends safe. This is a critical feature since pool areas can quickly become hazardous when wet. The fast-draining turf surface allows people to move around easily while reducing the risk of trips and falls.

Aside from being non-slip, Charlotte, NC artificial grass doesn’t grow as hot as brickwork or concrete. It means that turf is much more comfortable to walk on during hot days. Increasing the safety factor further are the non-toxic, hypoallergenic and shock-absorbent materials that high-quality artificial grass is made of.

Invest in Years of Durability

Synthetic grass can easily stand up to the harsh summer heat and abrupt weather changes. It won’t melt under the heat, or break down and develop mold when it gets wet.

Aside from its weather-resistant qualities, synthetic turf can accommodate high foot traffic and daily activity. It will retain its lush, bouncy texture without broken fibers no matter how much you use your pool.

Enjoy Its Picture-Perfect Beauty

The vibrant, lifelike green tones of synthetic turf in Charlotte, NC beautifully comments the crystal-clear waters of any pool. It also blends well with most design themes and architecture.

More Amazing Uses for Artificial Grass

Once you’re done sprucing up your pool area with turf, explore even more ways to use it around your home. Below are other popular applications for artificial grass:

  • Children’s playgrounds
  • Pet turf
  • Putting green and mini-golf courses
  • Indoor carpeting alternative
  • Gardens
  • Décor
  • And more!

Get A Free Estimate for Your Artificial Grass Project

Without a doubt, artificial turf is a terrific investment in the beauty and function of your home. No matter what project you have in mind, Charlotte Artificial Grass Experts can help you make it a reality. Call us today at 866-309-8873 to receive a free estimate!