How Synthetic Turf in Charlotte, NC Keeps Dogs Safe

As a pet owner, you want only the best for your dog. However, you can’t keep an eye on them 24/7. Furthermore, it’s impossible to watch out for every hazard when they’re playing outdoors. With synthetic turf in Charlotte, NC, you can keep your dog safe even when you’re not with them.

pet friendly backyard artificial turf

How Synthetic Turf Solves 3 Backyard Dangers

Your backyard may seem like a safe space for you, but not always for your canine companions. Dogs like to roam around and sniff every crevice they see, making them vulnerable to all kinds of dangers. Here’s how artificial grass in Charlotte, NC solves that:

1. It softens their landing.

Dogs love jumping and running around. Sooner or later, they’ll trip, fall or injure themselves. Synthetic grass has a soft backing that can cushion their landing. It softens the impact much better than falling on hard and packed soil.

Furthermore, artificial grass is non-slip and waterproof. This gives your dog stable footing even when the surface is wet after rain.

2. It prevents injuries from grass seeds.

Natural lawns are notorious for producing grass seeds. They rarely harm humans, but they are dangerous for dogs.

Grass seeds have pointy ends that can burrow into their skin and paws. This can cause sores, swelling and wounds. Once they’re in there, they’re pretty hard to get out.

Charlotte, NC artificial grass completely fixes this problem. Grass seeds will never grow on synthetic turf. Installers can also set-up weed barriers at the edges of your lawn to avoid the growth of toxic weeds.

3. It reduces the chances of flea infestations.

Fleas and ticks are the bane of pet owners and their dogs. Unfortunately, they love real grass. They thrive in its moist, dark and cool corners. Moreover, they can reproduce in even the smallest puddles.

Worse, the moment you see one in your dog, it’s safe to say that there’s already an infestation in your yard.

Once they infest your dog, it’s only a matter of time before they enter your home. And nothing is more challenging than battling a flea and tick infestation. It’s almost impossible to remove them for good.

That is until you switch to artificial grass. Fleas and ticks cannot live off their blades nor burrow or reproduce in the soil (since there’s none!).

Moreover, synthetic turf discourages bugs and insects from nesting in its base . As a result, it keeps your pup safe from bites, infestations and allergic reactions.

Keep Your Dogs Safe and Happy Using the Best Synthetic Turf

Your dogs deserve the very best, and that means switching to synthetic turf in Charlotte, NC. Additionally, you can finally achieve your dream lawn without worrying about pet damage. Call Charlotte Artificial Grass Experts today at 866-309-8873 for a pet-friendlier home.