How to Clean 4 Types of Stains from Backyard Putting Greens in Charlotte, NC

Synthetic putting greens in Charlotte, NC are incredibly damage-resistant, but just like any other product, they’re not completely invincible. There are certain types of stains that can damage the turf. Fortunately, most spills and stains are also very easy to clean off you’re putting green once you know-how.

Tips for Backyard Putting Greens

4 Common Putting Green Stains and How to Clean Them

Because backyard putting greens are located outside, they’re exposed to a lot of activities that can lead to spills and stains. Think BBQ parties, exterior home improvement projects and more.

No need to worry too much, though! Just keep a few turf cleaning tips in mind to keep your green in top shape:

1. Barbecue Grease Spills

The possibility of spilling cooking oil and barbecue grease is high on busy cookouts. Not only do they stain artificial grass, but they’re also difficult to spot. Lard can even invite bugs and critters into your lawn and cause lasting damage.

To remove grease, scrape as much as you can using a blunt spoon. Sprinkle baking soda over what’s left and let it sit for around 30 minutes. The baking soda will soak up the grease and allow you to lift it out of the fibers much like a sponge.

Next, remove the baking soda by vacuuming the area. Repeat steps until all the grease is gone. Finally, wash off any residues using a mild mix of warm water and soap. Give it a good rub so it penetrates the turf pile. Rinse the area thoroughly to get rid of all remaining suds.

2. Paint Splashes

Whether you’re repainting your exterior wall or striping a sports field, your synthetic turf in Charlotte, NC can be exposed to errant paint splashes. These colors will ruin the look of your lawn.

Cleaning the stain isn’t just a matter of hosing the paint away. This can cause more damage because it will drive the paint deeper into the infill. Instead, scrub the area by hand using a soft-bristled brush and detergent.

You can also try paint remover. Look for environmentally friendly brands with gentler chemical components. Test it on a small patch before applying.

3. Chewing Gum Stains

Gum is particularly difficult to remove because it sticks to several blades at once and leaves a residue. Debris also clings to it and causes clogging.

Removing it as soon as possible can save you from a sticky situation. Simply use a plastic scraper to pry it gently from the blades in an upward motion.

For pieces that have been glued to your grass with age, try freezing them with an ice pack before picking them out and applying a cleaner.

4. Bird Droppings

These are abundant in areas under bird feeders, trees and wires. Thankfully, they’re the easiest to clean in this list. Thoroughly hosing the area with water and a gentle detergent solution will leave your putting greens in Charlotte, NC looking brand new.

The more complicated task is preventing it in the first place. But while bird feeders can be stored away and wires rerouted, trees need a lasting solution.

If cutting them down is not an option, then tell your installer to lay the grass around the trunks instead of right up to them. The base can then be covered with mulch.

Discover More Advantages of Switching to Artificial Grass

With a little bit of TLC, synthetic grass in Charlotte, NC will last for many years without causing a lot of maintenance trouble. Want to learn more about turf care, or have a synthetic grass project in mind? Call Charlotte Artificial Grass Experts at 866-309-8873 today for inquiries or to receive a free quote!