How to Create a Living Garden on Charlotte, NC Artificial Grass

5 Creative Ways to Create a Living Garden on Charlotte, NC Artificial Grass

There’s no reason you can’t combine the best of both worlds and create a living garden on your Charlotte, NC artificial grass lawn. It is possible to achieve that lush green look you crave, while also creating a space for your favorite plants to grow. Here’s how:

Add a Trellis

A trellis is an easy way to add some height and dimension to your artificial grass. Why not make it a focal point of your lawn? You can place it in the middle or in one of the areas that you consider to be the entrance to your lawn.

You’ll have the added benefits of growing vines to complement your lush, green turf while adding color and texture with flowering plants.

Plant the Edges with Artificial Grass

You can grow plants right up against your Charlotte, NC artificial grass. Just be sure to leave a little extra room in case the plant grows larger than expected.

The edges of your synthetic lawn are also where you can include those taller plants or trees you want to showcase in your landscape design. Let your installer know of any plants that you want to add close to your artificial turf so they can consider it during installation.

Make a Statement with Plant Pots

Pots are another way to add height and dimension to any garden design. Plus they offer the perfect opportunity for color and texture with seasonal blooms or foliage. Artificial grass can accommodate their weight without getting damaged, so go ahead and place plant pots on top of your turf.

Think about using them as visual barriers, too. Use them to cover up that drain pipe or electrical box that’s close to your synthetic lawn by planting something tall and colorful inside.

Build Raised Beds

Build raised beds over the synthetic grass if you want to grow plants that need deep soil. The beds should be at least 8 inches deep, preferably 12 or more inches deep. The taller the beds, the deeper the soil you can have. The deeper the soil, the larger the roots of your plants can grow.

Like with the plant pots, you can place your raised beds on your synthetic grass in Charlotte, NC. The areas with the greatest weights may get matted, but that’s nothing a good brushing up won’t fix.

Consider Grow Bags

Grow bags are an alternative to raised beds, especially if there are limitations on how large you can make your raised beds because of space or other reasons. They are heavy-duty plastic containers that can be placed on your synthetic lawn to hold soil and plants.

Want more creative ways to mix artificial grass and plants in your yard? Check out this guide!

Grow the Perfect Garden on Top of the Best Artificial Grass in Charlotte, NC

Nothing makes gardens look lush and flourishing than well-kept grass. Turn yours into an evergreen wonderland with a well-landscaped synthetic turf installation set up by Charlotte Artificial Grass Experts.

Our professional installers will ensure that your synthetic lawn can accommodate your plants and trees. Expect a picture-perfect lawn that looks like it’s a natural part of your yard once our team is done with the job.

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