How to Keep Your Artificial Grass Play Area Clean

Quick Maintenance Hacks for Your Artificial Grass Play Area - charlotte

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf doesn’t get muddy or attract pesky insects and critters. However, debris and spills can accumulate on the surface, which can lead to staining, matting, and other issues if left unchecked. 

Maintaining your artificial grass regularly is crucial for longevity and aesthetics. Follow this homeowner’s guide to keep your Charlotte artificial turf play area in tip-top shape:

Artificial Turf Prevent Debris Buildup

Artificial grass blades need to remain upright to maintain the appearance of natural turf. Debris like leaves, twigs, dust, and dirt can collect between the blades, matting them down over time. Make sure to remove debris from your turf frequently with the following methods:

  • Use a stiff-bristled broom or brush to sweep debris off the grass blades. Brush against the grain to lift the blades and sweep debris out.
  • Utilize a leaf blower to remove leaves, mulch, grass clippings, and other large debris. Just make sure to use the blower on a low setting to avoid damaging the turf.
  • Inspect the perimeter and remove any debris from the artificial grass seams.

Follow these debris removal tips regularly, even daily if your play area sees heavy usage. Preventing buildup preserves the quality and lifespan of your turf.

Rinse Away Spills

Kids will inevitably spill drinks, ice cream, sunscreen, and other sticky substances in a play area. Because liquid can seep beneath the turf backing and stain the ground below, promptly rinse away any spills on your artificial grass as soon as possible. Use a hose on a high-pressure setting to wash the area thoroughly. 

For tougher stains, mix two cups of vinegar in a gallon of water and saturate the spot, allowing it to sit briefly before rinsing. The mild acidity in vinegar helps lift stains without harsh chemicals.

Clean Up After Pets with Artificial Turf

Even though artificial turf won’t harbor fleas or succumb to dead spots from pet waste, you still need to clean up after dogs who use the play area. 

Leaving urine or feces on the grass allows moisture to seep into the ground below, leading to stagnant bacterial buildup that causes undesirable odors. Immediately spray the area with an enzymatic cleaner made for artificial turf. Always carry waste pickup bags when dogs are present.

Groom With Occasional Deep Cleaning

Over time, dust and particulates can accumulate down in the artificial grass blades, even with regular maintenance. Use a wet/dry vacuum once per month to deep clean your turf. Adjust the deck height to the highest setting and systematically vacuum the entire area methodically—against the grain, with the grain, and across cuts. 

The vacuum’s brushes combined with suction lift dirt while fluffing and grooming the blades. After deep cleaning, use a hose on the fan setting to rinse away any lifted debris.

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