How to Make Small Yards Look Bigger with Synthetic Grass in Charlotte, NC

Space-Savvy Yard Ideas Using Synthetic Grass

So you have a small yard. You might feel like that means you can’t get much use out of it, but we’re here to tell you otherwise. The secret lies in synthetic grass in Charlotte, NC.

With artificial grass, you can transform your small yard into the oasis of your dreams. With a fast, one-time installation, you can enjoy beautiful landscaping in your yard without worrying about spending all weekend maintaining it.

Why Natural Grass Is Not Ideal for Small Yards

When you have a small backyard, it’s difficult to grow natural grass. The grass needs sunlight and room to breathe and if your backyard is small, surrounded by walls or both, you probably don’t have much of either.

Additionally, any chemicals that you apply to the grass may take a lot of time to disperse, especially if tall walls border your yard. The toxic fumes and residue of weedicides, pesticides and fertilizers can make people sick.

And if that’s not enough, real grass can’t withstand foot traffic and excessive use well. This can be a problem because small yards usually get more foot traffic than big yards because of their size.

Space-Savvy Design Ideas Using Synthetic Turf in Charlotte, NC

Create the Illusion of Space with Synthetic Turf

This is as easy as choosing light-colored artificial grass for your yard. This will make your yard seem larger because it will reflect light, which in turn makes it appear brighter than a darker color would do.

This option is also great if you have children who play outside often or pets that love roaming around at night.

Set an Outdoor Living Area with Synthetic Turf

Setting up a living area in your small yard will make it feel larger than it is. It’ll also give you more reason to spend time there. Use artificial grass as a groundcover to give it a more natural feel and a soft surface to walk and sit on.

If you want to add a fire pit or barbecue into your yard, make sure it’s not close to your synthetic grass. While the turf isn’t flammable, coals and other extremely hot items can melt it.

Green Up Spaces Beyond Your Yard

Synthetic grass in Charlotte, NC doesn’t have to stop in your backyard. You can integrate it into your decking and walkways. It’ll make your home feel like one cohesive unit and will add some lush greenery to your outdoor spaces.

Expert installers can cut, form and customize artificial grass to create patterns with pavers and other hardscapes. So feel free to get creative with your installation designs.

Design a Winding Walkway

Why make a gravel or concrete path when you can just lay down some artificial grass instead? Doing so creates the illusion that the grass extends beyond your yard and into an unknown area.

This design tip also gives the impression that there is more room around your home than there actually is. Plus, it’s always nice to not have to worry about things like weeds or mowing a walkway, right? Synthetic turf is so tough that weeds can’t penetrate its surface.

Define Evergreen Borders

Adding borders made of artificial grass around plant beds and other features will draw the eye around them, making your yard seem bigger than it is.

You could also put synthetic grass around trees or other plants to highlight their beauty and add visual interest. Don’t worry; synthetic turf has no impact on the health and growth of your plants because it needs neither water nor nutrients from the soil to thrive.

Get the Most Out of Your Small Yard With Charlotte, NC Artificial Grass

For top-notch synthetic turf for landscaping and expert installation services, look no further than Charlotte Artificial Grass Experts.

Tell us how you want to use synthetic turf to transform your yard and we’ll let you know how we’ll get it done. We can also integrate special features like weed membranes and deodorizing infill into your installations, depending on your needs.

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