How to Potty Train Your Dog on Artificial Grass in Charlotte, NC

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Are you worried that your dog may not want to go potty on artificial grass in Charlotte, NC? We get it. Naturally, you don’t want to disrupt your pup’s potty routine, especially if they’re used to going on real grass. Or, you may have heard that dogs don’t like how synthetic turf feels on their paws and may not want to go potty on it.

First, dogs actually love artificial grass. It feels soft, comfortable and natural. And since their favorite person – aka YOU – doesn’t have to mow, water, or fertilize it anymore, they now get more time to play and snuggle with you!

In fact, it can be easier to potty train a dog on artificial grass than real grass. Here’s why:


: Artificial grass in Charlotte NC has a consistent texture and smell, which can make it easier for dogs to recognize as the designated potty area. In contrast, real grass can vary greatly in texture and smell, depending on soil type and the weather. This can confuse your pup, making it harder for them to potty train.


: A huge part of potty-training dogs is cleaning up the mess. This can be frustrating on a natural lawn. Urine soaks into the soil, poop can be hard to find and sometimes it takes multiple trips for you to fully clean up the mess.

On dog-friendly artificial grass, however, clean-up is a breeze. Since the turf is waterproof, it won’t absorb any liquids, making it easy for you to hose down the area and keep your pup’s potty space neat and tidy.


: Aside from cleaning up the visible waste, you also need to remove all traces of the smell when your dog has accidents. Otherwise, he’ll return to the same place, which is big trouble if that’s not their designated potty area.

This is not an issue with artificial grass, since you can use enzyme cleaners or detergent without worrying about killing your yard.


: Artificial grass can be used in all weather conditions, which means that potty training can continue regardless of rain or snow. Real grass can become muddy or soggy, which can make it less appealing for dogs to use.

These features can be incredibly helpful when potty training your dog on synthetic turf. But ultimately, consistent training is key here.

Whether you’re retraining your old dog or teaching a new pup how to do their business on synthetic turf in Charlotte, NC, use these tips to get started:

  1. Start by selecting a designated potty area in your yard for your dog. Choose a quiet, low-traffic spot that’s easily accessible and comfortable for your pup.
  2. Make sure the area is large enough, so your dog has plenty of room to turn around and move without feeling confined.
  3. Lead your dog to their potty spot every time they need to go. Depending on how old your dog is, you will have to take him out more frequently. Puppies need to go out every three hours, while adult dogs can manage up to 6 hours. In addition, take them out after napping, eating, and playing regardless of their age.
  4. Use verbal cues such as “go potty” or “do your business” when leading them to their spot and while they are going. You can also add verbal praise and a treat when they finish their business successfully.
  5. Clean up any mess immediately. Hose down your artificial grass, then use an enzyme cleaner or pet-safe detergent to ensure no trace of the smell is left behind.
  6. Keep repeating this routine over and over until your pup gets the message. Eventually, they will start to recognize their “bathroom” and know exactly what to do.

In between potty-training sessions, don’t forget to have loads of fun on your synthetic lawn. Play fetch, practice agility, or just relax in the sun with your pup – synthetic grass in Charlotte. NC can handle it all and more.

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