Is Your Yard Suffering from Lack of Sunlight? Try Synthetic Grass in Charlotte, NC

Most people want their yards to look lush and green. A huge problem, though, is that some yards don’t receive enough sunlight to keep the grass looking healthy. For some, it’s an issue of location– you might live in a naturally shady area. For others, it’s a matter of design, such as having a covered yard or lots of trees. Either way, synthetic grass in Charlotte NC can solve this issue for good.

synthetic turf no need sunlight

What does shade do to grass?

If your yard is shaded by trees, buildings or even hillsides, the lack of sunlight will eventually take a toll on your lawn. It’s not enough to have some sun every once in a while— you need consistent exposure year-round.

A few things will happen without it:

  • When an area doesn’t receive enough sunlight, the grass in that location will eventually turn yellow or brown. This is because of the lack of photosynthesis – a process where plants convert light into energy.
  • The roots will not be able to grow deep enough to support the grass, which can kill your lawn.
  • Shade often creates an environment where there are more insects and pests than in sunnier areas. The more pests in your lawn, the less chance of your grass thriving.
  • The shade can cause the ground to remain wet, which will cause bacteria and fungi to grow. This is another way your lawn can die due to limited sunlight.

Can grass survive without direct sunlight?

Sure, but barely. Most turf grasses need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight to stay alive and healthy. If that’s not possible, you can:

  • Replace your entire lawn with shade-tolerant turf. Unfortunately, that’s not guaranteed to work. You’ll still have to consider soil condition, how much water that grass variety needs, and what kind of maintenance it requires.
  • Constantly prune your trees and shrubs back to let more sunlight in.
  • Renovate your backyard to reduce shade.

Sounds like a lot of work for just one part of your property! For an evergreen yard that stays gorgeous in the shade, switch to synthetic turf in Charlotte NC.

Solve Your Sunlight Problem with Artificial Grass in Charlotte, NC

Artificial grass is an excellent solution for yards in areas with limited sunlight because, well, it doesn’t need sunlight at all! You can also use it to green up shady areas, like under trees or near fence lines.

With synthetic grass, you can design your outdoor space without having to think about how much sun hits that part of the yard in particular. For instance, feel free to add a gazebo or pergola! You can finally enjoy the cool shade without worrying about killing your lawn.

More Things Synthetic Turf in Charlotte, NC Doesn’t Need

  • Water
  • Mowing
  • Seeds
  • Fertilizers
  • Weedicides
  • Pesticides
  • Soil
  • Seasonal maintenance

In short, you can go ahead and virtually forget about maintaining your lawn once we’re done with the installation! Aside from picking up debris and the occasional rinse, artificial grass needs barely any work to stay in great shape.

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