Keep Your Kids Busy with Fun Hacks for Synthetic Turf in Charlotte NC!

playground synthetic turf

We’ve already covered why synthetic turf in Charlotte NC is perfect for playgrounds. Just in case you missed it, here’s a quick recap:

    • Artificial grass is hypoallergenic


    • Synthetic turf padding reduces the risk of injuries


    • There are no bugs to bite or sting your kids


    • It’s easy to clean


    • No mud and less bacteria


  • It also reduces your kids’ exposure to toxins like weed killers and pesticides

But what about all the fun stuff? How can you make synthetic turf in Charlotte NC even more exciting for kids?

Here are some synthetic turf backyard hacks that will help you do just that!

    • Turn your backyard into a mini spa with rubber bath mats and bubble soap for a bubbly and relaxing time!


    • Create a foam pit by buying a cheap children’s pool and filling it with styrofoam. You can even make your own soft landing out of some kids’ inflated balls or inflatable cubes from the dollar store.


    • Install some sprinklers on timers for those hot summer days when you want to keep them cool but don’t have time to run around with a hose.


    • Turn Charlotte NC artificial grassinto an obstacle course by making some simple PVC jumps and turns. You can even make it more challenging by creating tunnels for them to crawl through or jump over!


    • Create a slip-and-slide using cheap tarp, dishsoap and water from the sprinklers.


    • Set up a trampoline if you want them to be entertained for hours jumping and bouncing around.


    • Introduce some fun synthetic grass playground equipment like swings, monkey bars or even climbing walls. Installing these is also the perfect opportunity to teach them about safety on the playground!


    • Put up some outdoor chalk boards with dry erase markers for instant creativity boosters (or make your own chalkboard paint)


    • Create an outdoor theater by building a simple stage or platform with plywood, then decorating it with a white sheet for the backdrop. You can even add some outdoor lighting to really step up your backyard movie experience.


    • Get them into gardening by letting them plant their own flowers or vegetables in pots or planters.


    • Give your backyard a kiddie gym feel by adding some equipment like pull up bars, resistance bands and gymnastic rings. You can even install a tire swing to add even more fun.


Now that you have all these fun hacks at your disposal, it’s time to get busy. Need help with your backyard playground? Interested in other applications for artificial grass in Charlotte, NC?

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