Still Believe These Myths About Synthetic Turf in Charlotte, NC? You’re Missing Out!

Nowadays, synthetic turf in Charlotte, NC seems to be everywhere – backyard and commercial putting greens, pool areas and walkways, dog runs and so much more.

It’s not surprising. Artificial turf is everything that real grass isn’t: durable, versatile, unbelievable low-maintenance, weather-resistant, free of weeds and pests and even saves you money.

On top of that, it’s also everything you love about natural grass: soft, lush and green and so realistic, it’s hard to tell it from the real thing.

Despite all of these, however, some people still believe that real grass trumps synthetic turf, based on the stereotype that anything natural is automatically better than a man-made version.

In this article, we’ve gathered some of the most stubborn myths that surround synthetic turf. If you still believe any of these, you’re most likely missing out on all the amazing benefits that come with artificial grass!

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Artificial Grass Myths That Are Completely Untrue

There’s nothing we love more than installing artificial grass and hearing our clients say, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Well, probably because of the following myths:

You cannot use artificial grass at home, because it’s made for sports.

That’s true— several decades ago. The very first version of artificial grass was indeed specifically invented and designed for sports applications. But it’s been many years since then and synthetic turf proved itself much more versatile than a sports surface.

Today, athletic applications are just one of the many uses of artificial grass. One reason is that modern artificial turf looks so lifelike, it’s become a viable replacement for grass. That’s why you can see grass in a lot of places in Charlotte, from backyards and balconies to commercial restaurants, event venues, pool areas and even rental buildings in the area.

Artificial grass is bad for the environment.

This myth stems from the notion that natural equals good. But when it comes to sustainability, the issue is much more complex than that.

Sure, natural grass is, well, natural. But it can also be incredibly destructive to the environment for several reasons:

  • Chemicals used to treat lawns (like pesticides, fertilizers and weedicides) can poison the soil and water sources in the surrounding areas
  • Grass clippings contribute significantly to landfills
  • So much water is wasted on irrigating natural lawns
  • Maintaining natural grass raises your carbon footprint due to activities like burning petrol to power lawn mowers

None of this happens with synthetic grass in Charlotte, NC. In addition, top-quality artificial grass is made of sustainable and recycled materials. Its long lifespan means it takes up to 15+ years before it’s rendered unusable.

So, if you want an eco-friendly lawn, you may want to rethink real grass and go synthetic instead.

Synthetic turf makes your yard more prone to accidents.

If you cut costs by DIY-ing your artificial lawn or going with disreputable installers, then yes, your backyard will not be as safe as it can be.

For instance, our team at Charlotte Artificial Grass Experts follow very strict guidelines to ensure the safety of every installation. This includes:

  • Using top-quality materials made in the USA to make sure they’re non-toxic and free from harmful lead
  • Preparing the ground carefully to remove debris and other tripping hazards
  • Securing every part of your artificial grass installation to ensure that it stays in place no matter how you plan to enjoy it
  • Adding important safety features like shock pads to absorb impact when necessary
  • Removing dangers like toxic weeds before installation
  • And many more

In short, the truth behind this myth actually depends on you. Choose trusted installers like Charlotte Artificial Grass Experts and you guarantee yourself a safe lawn. Go with inexperienced companies or do it yourself and you run the risk of proving the myth true.

It doesn’t matter what kind of synthetic turf you buy, because they’re all the same.

It’s easy to tell high-quality and low-quality synthetic grass apart— one looks like plastic and the other one looks like natural grass. While price is not a sure-fire indicator of quality, the cheapest ones typically look fake because they’re made with cheap materials.

In contrast, high-quality artificial grass in Charlotte NC has several components that make it look ridiculously lifelike. For instance, the synthetic turf fibers have a thatch layer that adds visual depth. They’re also designed to reflect light in a special way to mimic the real thing. In addition, the highest-quality grass is wonderfully soft and lush, without coming across as flimsy.

Discover More Amazing Things About Synthetic Turf in Charlotte NC!

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