Synthetic Turf in Charlotte, NC: Tips for Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring Care

One of the most attractive qualities of synthetic turf in Charlotte NC is its low-maintenance nature. Take note— it’s low maintenance, not zero maintenance, as some people mistakenly assume.

Turf is just like any product in the sense that it needs proper care to stay in top condition. The difference is that it requires very little time and effort to keep your synthetic landscape beautiful and lush.

With that in mind, familiarize yourself with these seasonal maintenance tips to keep your turf looking and functioning like new!

artificial grass summer season

Seasonal Care Tips for Artificial Grass

Though synthetic grass in Charlotte NC is weather-resistant and remains green throughout the year, there are some steps you can take to protect it against seasonal changes.

Not only will these tips keep your turf looking its best, but will also prolong its service life:

• How to Maintain Artificial Grass in Spring

Spring is prime time for landscaping, so you’re probably sprucing up your planters and pots and adding some new greenery in there.

Inevitably, some rocks and dirt will end up on the turf surface. Simply hose away the fine soil and brush out the bigger rocks and debris.

You may also notice some weeds on your lawn. This is totally normal and significantly fewer than you would have with real grass. Pull them out as best as you can to prevent them from disturbing your pristine landscape.  

• How to Maintain Artificial Grass During Summer

Along with the hot summer days comes the flurry of outdoor activities like BBQs, backyard parties and daily playtime with your pets and family.

Artificial grass in Charlotte NC is tough enough to withstand high levels of activity and foot traffic. However, some upkeep will help keep wear and tear at bay.

All it takes is some regular brushing to keep the turf fibers standing upright. As for the spills that happen during your parties, make it a habit to rinse fluids ASAP to prevent stains. 

• How to Maintain Artificial Grass During Autumn

No mowing, no watering, no fertilizing, no reseeding— say goodbye to tedious lawn chores! Turf definitely takes less time and effort to maintain, but when fall hits, you need to break out the rake just like your neighbors with real grass.

You’ll need to clean away all the dead leaves that fall from the trees around your home. Luckily, synthetic turf has a smooth surface that makes raking so much easier. You can also use a leaf blower for the job. However, you’ll find that a simple broom and dustpan will get the task done without having to spend on more equipment.  

• How to Maintain Artificial Grass During Winter

You don’t have to do much for your backyard during the winter. Generally, just let the ice and snow melt! If you really need to remove ice or snow from your yard, use a lightweight shovel or snowblower.

Enjoy a Stress-free Lawn with Synthetic Turf in Charlotte NC

Maintaining synthetic turf is very straightforward, which is a huge reason why so many area homeowners and business owners are making the switch. Want to learn more or to discuss a project? Call Charlotte Artificial Grass Experts today at 866-309-8873. We offer 100% FREE estimates!