Why Do Dogs Love Synthetic Turf in Charlotte, NC So Much?

If you’re a pet owner with synthetic turf in your Charlotte, NC yard, you already know what makes it so amazing. It’s hard not to love the easy clean-up, beautiful greenery and durability of artificial grass.

But have you ever wondered what your dog thinks of it? Maybe you’re still on the fence about making the switch. Either way, dogs think that synthetic turf is the best thing ever, and here’s why!

bully dog sniffing on synthetic turf

Why Pets Love Synthetic Turf

Some pet owners worry that their dogs won’t like synthetic turf, especially if they’re used to the real thing. That’s not the case at all. In fact, dogs can hardly tell the difference between live and artificial grass in Charlotte, NC. All they know is that it’s awesome:

They Can Finally Dig as Much as They Want on Synthetic turf

You can’t stop dogs from wanting to dig, but artificial turf prevents them from ruining your yard. Unlike with live grass, they won’t be able to create holes, leave bare patches or scatter soil everywhere. They can now practice their digging instincts all they want!

It’s a Cozy Napping Surface on Synthetic turf

Aside from your bed and couch, dogs love nothing better than napping in the grass under the sun. The turf is soft, fluffy and comfortable, making it a wonderful spot for snoozing.

The Noisy Lawn Mower Finally Went Away

Most dogs are scared of the lawnmower. It’s big, noisy and threatening. You never need to mow artificial grass, so you can retire your mower for good. Your pooch won’t have to worry about the scary machine ever again!

No Mud, Fewer Baths

If your dog had their way, they’d play in mud any chance they get. It’s so much fun! However, what comes after is not. Having their paws cleaned or getting a bath is low on their list of favorite things to do.

Share the good news with your pup— Charlotte, NC artificial grass never gets muddy. There’s no soil to create mud. Rain also drains quickly through the porous layer. This means fewer baths and more chances to play after it pours or even in the rain itself!

No More Itching Due to Fleas and Ticks

Getting infested with fleas and ticks is a dog’s worst nightmare. They get miserable from itching all over. Sometimes, scratching can even lead to wounds and illness. Worse, it’s very hard to get rid of fleas and ticks once they infest your yard.

Synthetic turf gets rid of them for good. They won’t be able to find food, shelter or breeding grounds on artificial grass. Your four-legged pal can explore every corner of your backyard without fleas and ticks getting in the way.

More Time to Play with Their Favorite Humans!

Finally, dogs get to spend more time with their family thanks to synthetic turf in Charlotte, NC. They don’t have to wait for their humans to finish mowing, cutting watering and maintaining the lawn anymore. This means more time for fetch, belly rubs and practicing tricks for treats!

Say Hello to the Backyard You and Your Pets Deserve

A backyard should enrich your life, not trap you in an endless cycle of stress and tedious chores. With artificial turf, you can finally focus on things that matter: enjoying your outdoor living space, bonding with your friends and loved ones and having fun with your pet.

Make it happen with Charlotte Artificial Grass Experts— call us today at 866-309-8873 and let’s set up a consultation!