Wipe Out Ticks from Your Yard with Charlotte NC Artificial Grass

We already talked about how synthetic grass can protect your dog against fleas. But in this article, we’re focusing on an equally dangerous pest— ticks. A tick infestation can infect your dog with potentially fatal diseases, such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, canine ehrlichiosis and more.

Worse, they’re nearly impossible to eradicate on natural grass. One of the most effective ways to wipe them out from your yard is through Charlotte NC artificial grass.

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Why Ticks Thrive on Natural Grass

Live lawns are notorious for harbouring pests like ticks. It provides the following:

• Real grass gives ticks shelter and the perfect breeding grounds

Grass backyards have moist, shady environments perfect for pests. They can lay eggs safely and out of sight, especially in stagnant water common in backyards. 

• A natural lawn is a great source of food for ticks

Soil holds many nutrients, making them an excellent source of food for these pests. 

• Natural grass makes ticks impossible to find

It’s impossible to spot ticks and their eggs with the naked eye, especially when they’re in your yard. Unless you bring in a professional exterminator, you may not even be aware that you already have an infestation on your hands.

Dogs are the ones who suffer the most once an infestation set in. Just one walk through your natural lawn and ticks can quickly latch on their fur and multiply fast.

Worse, they can also infest your home. Once they get on your pet, they tend to transfer to furniture, wood and other parts of your house.

How Artificial Grass Gets Rid of Ticks

The best way to solve an infestation is to make sure the area isn’t inhabitable to them in the first place. In most cases, this means going synthetic.

Since synthetic turf in Charlotte NC is not alive, it completely wipes out the three elements above: shelter, food and safety. Ticks literally cannot survive on artificial grass!

Furthermore, no need for you to hire expensive extermination services, saturate your lawn with toxic pesticides or prevent your pup from going outdoors.

The reason is that installers won’t just install artificial grass in your backyard. They will also remove the existing tick-infested soil and apply a good coat of safe pesticide before laying down the turf itself.

Once the installation is done, you can say goodbye to ticks and other backyard pests for good.

More Benefits of Pet Artificial Turf

Aside from wiping out ticks, here are more benefits of installing artificial grass in Charlotte, NC:

Dramatically reduces grass allergy symptoms

Removes dangerous grass burrs that can injure your dog

Eliminates toxic weeds and plants

Non-slip surface

Works indoors and outdoors

Excellent drainage for pet urine

Easy to clean up solid pet waste

The soft artificial grass is gentle on the paws

Get Started with Charlotte NC Artificial Grass Today!

All of these benefits are just the start of how synthetic turf can change yours and your dog’s life for the better. Want to learn more about pet turf or ready to start your project? Contact Charlotte Artificial Grass Experts at 866-309-8873 or send us a message here!